Baggage weight restrictions on planes

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A friend of mine was recently at an airport, trying to check on for a flight… They have a weight restriction on the amount of baggage like most airlines. Now, my friend is very small and doesn’t weigh much… Yet her bags were over the weight limit. Meanwhile a fat guy was checking in on the adjacent desk, his bags were within the weight limits but his weight alone was clearly considerably more than my friend and her bags combined.
So the question is:
If the airlines are truly so concerned about weight on the plane, why don’t they weigh the passengers as well as the baggage, and charge them accordingly? If weight is a concern, why can a 400lbs chunker with 30lbs of luggage (thats 430lbs) travel for less than a 120lbs girl with 40lbs of luggage (thats 160lbs)? Not to mention the fact that someone so fat takes up more than their fair share of space, leaving you nowhere to put your arms if your sat along side.