An email address uniquely used at acunetix.com is now being spammed

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A few months ago i signed up to download a piece of software from www.acunetix.com. Aparrently they provide software for testing the security of web sites. Of course i created a unique address for the sole purpose of this signup.
I got the software, had a play with it, and received a couple of followup marketting mails from acunetix, then heard nothing for several months. All fine so far i thought.
Until recently, when I started receiving spams to this address which was uniquely created for acunetix. I got the typical spams, fake rolex watches, cheap software (probably pirated), and various types of medications.
And these were only the spams that reached the second stage of my spam filter, spam which goes over a certain score or comes from a blacklisted address doesn’t even reach this stage, which provides an interface for me to weed out false positives.

I have received a total of 431 spams to this address within the past week.

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