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To combat the problem of websites that need an email address for signup and all the junk mail they send, I came up with an approach designed to let me minimise that problem.

Basically, i create a new email domain and account for each site i sign up for, for instance if i were to sign up to my own site i would create an address like:
This address is unique to the site in question, so that if they continue to send me unwanted emails i can simply remove the account and the mails are gone.

Doing this however, resulting in me making an interesting discovery, not only did a lot of companies send me large amounts of marketting material on a regular basis, but some actually sold or leaked my details to spammers!
Yes that’s right, single use email accounts which were only ever used to sign up to a single website were now receiving bucket loads of the typical viagra, penis enlargement, fake rolex and all the other garbage spams that float around the internet on a daily basis.
So this category here is to name and shame these companies in the hope that the information will disuade people from signing up to such unethical companies, and hopefully in the long run to discourage these companies from such behaviour.

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