Dealing With FastMemoryMan

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So judging from the number of hits and comments I get, far too many people have been screwed over by FastMemoryMan…So here is the best of my advice to dealing with him…

  •  Don`t send defective goods direct to his US address

If your in the UK send it to their UK address, despite his claims the UK office will forward the package on to him. Similarly, if your in Europe and shipping to the UK is cheaper than the US. The address for the UK office is:210B The Big Peg120 Vyse StreetBirminghamB18 6NF

  •  Send the goods back BEFORE you file a PayPal dispute

PayPal’s system is very inflexible and favours the seller, it requires that you ship defective goods to the registered address, and using online tracking, all at your own expense. The PayPal terms of service state that tracking is only required for items over $250, however if you don`t use tracking, they will cancel your claim and give you no recourse. Similarly, all the forms on their website are only geared to accept a tracking number, there is no “this item is under $250 so i didn’t use tracking” option.

  •  File negative feedback!

I cannot stress this enough, he HATES negative feedback. Often by filing negative feedback, he will ask you to remove it and often make you an offer. I and several other people managed to get full refunds this way, but perhaps you can screw him for more. If you do, we’d all love to hear about it! Also when you leave feedback, someone suggested that you should wait until the very last few minutes before the ability to leave feedback expires, and thus he’l have no chance to leave negative for you. 

  •  Don’t believe his lies

This is the most important of all. FastMemoryMan is a compulsive liar, and he will try every trick in the book to screw you out of your money. For instance, he tried to trick me into believing the motherboard for which i purchased memory doesn’t have the chipset he listed as compatible, but infact has a completely different incompatible chipset, and thus it is my fault the memory does not work. Checking with the motherboard manufacturer’s website quickly exposed this lie.He does not run a big company, his name is Chetan Seraf, and he is a one man band in the US. He is also associated with a small company in the UK.When you return defective goods, he will give you an RMA number, this is always “RMA D4”, and is not in any way unique to you. There is no returns department, it is just the one guy. He will often mail you under different names claiming to be someone else, so don’t fall for it.

  •  Report his listings to ebay

They probably won’t do anything, but enough complaints may have some effect against him.

  •  Report his fraudulent listings to manufacturers and the relevant authorities.

Quite often he will make false claims about a branded good, this is fraud and should be reported to the proper authorities and the manufacturer he is counterfeiting. Most reputable companies won’t take too kindly to a fraudster like this selling cheap unbranded goods and trying to pass them off as theirs. It harms their reputation and they need to know about it.

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  1. João Fernandes said,

    May 5, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    I just bought counterfeit samsung modules, and just found out 2 weeks later. I have already reported to European Union, Ebay, Paypal and Samsung.

    The memories didn’t even have a properly written SPD.

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