‘SQL’ is not pronounced ‘sequel’ ! Where the hell did those vowells come from?

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This is something that annoys me greatly, the acronym ‘SQL’ is just that, an acronym, it is not pronounceable as a word because it has no vowels.
Why is it that some unpronounceable acronyms are always referred to as such (eg DVD) and yet others are seemingly acceptable to arbitrarily modify.
There is a comedy TV show called ‘Fonejacker’ where someone makes humorous telephone calls to unsuspecting members of the public, and one of his sketches is posing as a man who tries to arbitrarily modify unpronounceable acronyms so that he can say them, often causing great confusion to the person on the other end of the phone. For instance, he will call an electronics store and ask for a “Doovde player” (DVD player) or perhaps a “Puss 3” (PS3). A few examples of this can be found on Youtube:
And many more can be found simply by searching for ‘fonejacker’.

So why is it considered acceptable to mispronounce ‘SQL’ as ‘sequel’ and yet mispronouncing ‘DVD’ as ‘doovde’ is considered ridiculous? This becomes even more stupid once you consider that ‘sequel’ is an actual word which has a different meaning, whereas ‘doovde’ doesn’t have any other meaning, and could thus easily be used as a word referring to ‘DVD’.


FastMemoryMan is also known as EMartBuy

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So FastMemoryMan has another ebay account called “EMartBuy”, most probably to make it harder for all the people who search for “fastmemoryman” and find sites like this one. More than a few people have either posted here, or emailed me separately to say they won’t be doing business with him having read this site.This second account is registered as being in the UK, which seems highly suspicious. Perhaps this account has something to do with the UK operation that he falsely claims is just his “shipping agent”.I also found some more information on him, this time written by an “ebay trusted reviewer”, you can read it at:
Also while doing some other digging, it seems that his domain emartbuy.com is registered with the following details:

      EmartBuy Ltd
      Chetan Saraf
      135 N MAIN ST
      43160      US
      Phone: 614 5898253
      Email: sarafchirag@blueyonder.co.uk

Interestingly, that email address is a UK ISP. I’ve not checked it, but it’s strange that an american would have an account with a UK cable provider.