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I received the following post a few days ago:

Bob Latchford

I bought some memory off him – emartbuy UK and it’s fine. As for you calling him a scumbag seriously grow up. Works fine, was here fast and I’ve had no trouble with anything what so ever. Some people will just moan about anything I guess.

And I came across this site as I was trying to post some positive feedback on seller emartbuy.

From FastMemoryMan is also known as EMartBuy, 2008/06/08 at 8:48 PM


Out of interest, Bob…

How much memory did you buy, and what did the listing say? Could you post a link to the actual ebay listing you bought from?

I ask because, not everyone gets screwed… This guy sells a large number of products, and it is this volume plus the technical nature of the products that allows him to slip in garbage (on which he makes a much higher profit margin) while still maintaining a relatively good feedback profile. What percentage of people in the world do you think are…

  • Technically competent enough to see through FMM’s lies about compatibility
  • Bothered enough to kick up a fuss, considering the relatively low cost of the items
  • Not taken in by his non technical lies, eg him trying to make you wait until its too late to file a paypal claim or leave feedback.
I also assume you only bought a single item, because it’s pretty galling having to pay the same per-unit price for shipping regardless how many items you buy, even tho he will ship them all as a single package to save himself money..
And did the listing claim the item was located somewhere that it wasn’t?
Or did the listing claim the item to be a particular brand, but when you enter the part number from the item in to that manufacturer’s website you realise it’s fake (have you tried checking this?).
Seriously, you may think you got a good deal, but look more closely and make sure you haven’t been fooled.
The shear number of people complaining about this guy proves he’s up to no good, and don’t try to claim it’s based on volume, i’m sure a reputable company like Crucial or Kingston sells much larger quantities of memory without attracting multiple negative websites with piles of comments from third parties.

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