Fastmemoryman account deleted from ebay?

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Well, it seems the ebay account “fastmemoryman” has gone…

However the guy behind it is still very much active, and just now trading under different accounts, for instance “emartbuy” is still very much alive.

If you google for fastmemoryman, this site is the first hit, which i’m sure was bad for business under that name.. On the other hand, if you google for emartbuy this site comes up third behind his .com and .co.uk sites.

To those of you who bought items from this guy and paid, only to see the account you bought from disappear – file a claim, you should get the money back immediately if the account has been deleted, and if not just file a dispute with your card issuer. It’s fairly common for african scammers to create accounts and then delete them again very quickly, i’ve been in a similar situation where the account i bought from or sold to has disappeared. For once, ebay/paypal seemed quite happy to refund, since they don’t stand to make any money from a deleted account.

As for fastmemoryman, I’m sure he will continue to defraud people under his many and varied aliases. We can only speculate as to what happened to his fastmemoryman account…. Did ebay finally do something due to all the complaints and bad feedback, or did he himself delete the account due to all the negative publicity?

It’s also worth noting that he lost his power seller status on the fastmemoryman account because the feedback dropped below 98%, and considering how many thousands of items he sold a month that’s an insane amount of unhappy customers/victims. This could also have made him want to drop the account.