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I am looking to register a new domain name for the free disposable mail site – currently http://commodore.in.

Basically what this site does, is allow anyone to read email for any address at the supported domains anonymously… The site currently has 4 domains for mail receiving:

  • dharmatel.net
  • commodore.in
  • slave-auctions.net
  • deadchildren.org
  • You can receive for any address at these domains, and read it anonymously for free. This is extremely useful for sites that force you to sign up with a valid email address for whatever purpose, such as posting a comment or downloading something. If you use your real email address, these sites could send you mail continuously or worse, let spammers get hold of your address either by selling it to them or suffering a security breach allowing them to get it. If you use the free disposable mail service, then that’s where the spam will go to and you don’t have to worry about it.
    The site also has a nice AJAX-ish interface, based on Roundcube webmail.

    Because some of these domains may come and go, i need a permanent domain for the service… Something simple, easy to remember and to the point, something like tempmail.com, but that is already taken…

    All suggestions welcome, post suggestions as comments below!

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