More companies selling your email to spammers

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As i’ve posted previously, i generally create a unique email address for any company that requests an email address from me… This is so that i can keep track of who has sold or leaked my email address to third parties or spammers.

First up we have “myfcri.co.uk”, this was a site which promised you a free credit report if you signed up… It seems as if this company has gone under and had their domain bought up by someone else, as the site now redirects to freescoreusa.com. I have received a large amount of spam to this address.

Secondly we have “globe7.com”, now these guys were a problem right from the start (see my other post at http://www.ev4.org/wordpress/2011/12/05/do-not-do-business-with-globe7/ for more information… These guys are seemingly still in business, and yet today i received spams inviting me to join a casino to this address.

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