People who make their cars retarded, and reduce their already poor performance

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I was driving along a very familiar road… This particular road consists of 10 miles of dual-carriageway, a roundabout, and 10 more miles of dual carriageway ending in a reasonably steep hill for about the last mile.

I was driving along this road, nearing the roundabout in the middle, using cruise control set to 80mph when some moron in a tiny tin pot little car overtook me at about 90mph. I believe it was a “Fiat Punto”, that had a large aftermarket spoiler, an incredibly noisy exhaust system and lots of neon lights. Not only was the exhaust noisy, but it wasn’t the powerfull sound you hear from a performance car, it was the pathetic whine you hear from a cheap low performance car with broken mufflers.

We then both slowed down for the roundabout, at this point i began regaining ground on him, as his obviously rather shit car had to slow down massively to make the turn.
Past the roundabout, i allowed the cruise control to accelerate me back to 80mph and continue my journey, during this accelerating i overtook him again and put some considerable distance between us as his feeble engine strained to accelerate the weight of his car plus all the accessories.

A few more miles down the road, he had finally reached 90mph again and manage to overtake me again, only to be greeted by the mile-long hill near the end of the road. This hill caused his feeble vehicle to decelerate to around 50mph, resulting in me overtaking him yet again.

Now, his car was a heap of shit, no two ways about it. In it’s default state it performs poorly and is hardly comfortable to ride in. And yet, he spent a considerable amount of money on ridiculous accessories like neon lights, side skirts, a huge sound system, a louder exhaust and a spoiler.

Now on a high performance car, a spoiler will increase downforce. This is needed when a car has more power than it does grip, so it can transfer more of that power into the road. But when a car is underpowered to begin with, a spoiler just causes drag and slows it down.

This idiot, spent all this money and for what, to make his car look stupid and perform poorly. He made a shit car even more shit, while spending so much money on it he could have bought a better car to start with.