Free Throwaway Disposable Email

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We now have disposable email accounts on several new domains….


Use once email accounts, so you can sign up for things online without being bombarded by spam!


Free Disposable Use-Once Email From spamdecoy.net

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It’s now possible to get a free disposable and anonymous email account from http://www.spamdecoy.net . This site will let you receive email for any address @spamdecoy.net or several other domains, and is incredibly useful when you need a temporary throw-away email account… Think of all those websites that require you to enter an email address in order to sign up, and signing up results in floods of spam… If you use commodore.in then you need never worry about spam going to your real email account.

Note that this site has now been moved to http://www.spamdecoy.net


Fastmemoryman account deleted from ebay?

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Well, it seems the ebay account “fastmemoryman” has gone…

However the guy behind it is still very much active, and just now trading under different accounts, for instance “emartbuy” is still very much alive.

If you google for fastmemoryman, this site is the first hit, which i’m sure was bad for business under that name.. On the other hand, if you google for emartbuy this site comes up third behind his .com and .co.uk sites.

To those of you who bought items from this guy and paid, only to see the account you bought from disappear – file a claim, you should get the money back immediately if the account has been deleted, and if not just file a dispute with your card issuer. It’s fairly common for african scammers to create accounts and then delete them again very quickly, i’ve been in a similar situation where the account i bought from or sold to has disappeared. For once, ebay/paypal seemed quite happy to refund, since they don’t stand to make any money from a deleted account.

As for fastmemoryman, I’m sure he will continue to defraud people under his many and varied aliases. We can only speculate as to what happened to his fastmemoryman account…. Did ebay finally do something due to all the complaints and bad feedback, or did he himself delete the account due to all the negative publicity?

It’s also worth noting that he lost his power seller status on the fastmemoryman account because the feedback dropped below 98%, and considering how many thousands of items he sold a month that’s an insane amount of unhappy customers/victims. This could also have made him want to drop the account.


In Response To Bob

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I received the following post a few days ago:

Bob Latchford

I bought some memory off him – emartbuy UK and it’s fine. As for you calling him a scumbag seriously grow up. Works fine, was here fast and I’ve had no trouble with anything what so ever. Some people will just moan about anything I guess.

And I came across this site as I was trying to post some positive feedback on seller emartbuy.

From FastMemoryMan is also known as EMartBuy, 2008/06/08 at 8:48 PM


Out of interest, Bob…

How much memory did you buy, and what did the listing say? Could you post a link to the actual ebay listing you bought from?

I ask because, not everyone gets screwed… This guy sells a large number of products, and it is this volume plus the technical nature of the products that allows him to slip in garbage (on which he makes a much higher profit margin) while still maintaining a relatively good feedback profile. What percentage of people in the world do you think are…

  • Technically competent enough to see through FMM’s lies about compatibility
  • Bothered enough to kick up a fuss, considering the relatively low cost of the items
  • Not taken in by his non technical lies, eg him trying to make you wait until its too late to file a paypal claim or leave feedback.
I also assume you only bought a single item, because it’s pretty galling having to pay the same per-unit price for shipping regardless how many items you buy, even tho he will ship them all as a single package to save himself money..
And did the listing claim the item was located somewhere that it wasn’t?
Or did the listing claim the item to be a particular brand, but when you enter the part number from the item in to that manufacturer’s website you realise it’s fake (have you tried checking this?).
Seriously, you may think you got a good deal, but look more closely and make sure you haven’t been fooled.
The shear number of people complaining about this guy proves he’s up to no good, and don’t try to claim it’s based on volume, i’m sure a reputable company like Crucial or Kingston sells much larger quantities of memory without attracting multiple negative websites with piles of comments from third parties.


In reply to a comment from “John”

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 To quote someone who posted here: 

John |  | IP:


To put things in perspective: I ordered and got delivered exactly what I wanted within 10 days. This shop had more than 16.000 transactions last month. Still, 98% of the feedback is positive. But with such large quantities, only 2% of unsatisfied customers is still 320 people, which is a lot so that’s why a weblog like this gets a lot of input.


May 20, 7:57 AM

Fastmemoryman may have 16,000 transactions per month… But that’s still very few compared to a reputable memory vendor such as Crucial. I’m sure if some of the larger and more reputable vendors were selling junk, then they too would have hostile websites written about them. 

You also have to consider that he sells technology products, and the vast majority of people wouldn’t be sufficiently technically literate. Most people would believe his lies about their motherboard compatible, he tried to claim that my “MSI K8T Neo” motherboard doesn’t use the VIA K800 chipset, and that it actually uses a VIA 8xxx chipset, which corresponded to the part number of the IDE controller, the average customer is likely to believe his lies assuming he knows better than they do, and then they return the item at their own cost having paid for overpriced postage, leaving fastmemoryman with profit from the shipping costs and the original item to sell to the next unsuspecting victim.

Then there’s items which work, but poorly… A lot of people who have contacted me or posted to this site have bought flash cards advertised as branded goods, only to find that they’re fakes, many people wouldn’t notice this…

And some of the items perform poorly, such as the flash cards just mentioned… Many people have purchased cards advertised as a certain speed, only to find them to be laughably slow.

Some people have even received memory cards which are actually of a lower capacity, and have a corrupted FAT table to make them look bigger… Such cards corrupt badly once you reach the actual capacity point. Many people will take quite some time to fill a large card, and won’t notice the problem quickly. 

Then there’s over clocked processors, very few people will notice these unless they fail and they try returning them to the original manufacturer. 

Regarding postage costs, i ordered 3 strips of memory and was charged GBP6 per module for shipping. He claimed he couldn’t provide a postage discount because they were all processed separately. When they arrived  the 3 modules were in the same jiffy bag with GBP1.20 postage attached, assuming the jiffy bag cost GBP0.20 which is a very high estimate, thats GBP1.40 for shipping of all 3 items, yet he charged GBP18. 

You say you got what you wanted within 10 days…. Most of fastmemoryman’s listings make false claims about the item location. A lot of people have bought items that were supposed to be in their own country, only to find they were sent from a foreign country. You got you’re memory in 10 days, when i order from a reputable vendor it arrives next business day, 10 days is a ridiculous delivery time unless you live in the arctic or something.

The fact is, while he may occasionally get stocks of genuine decent quality items, the vast majority of what this guy sells is cheap unbranded or fake garbage, which he gets away with largely based on on the lack of technical knowledge among the majority of customers. He is perfectly willing to lie about what he’s selling in an attempt to rip off customers,  he massively overcharges customers and will try every dirty trick in the book to wring a profit out of unsuspecting victims.

So 2% of unsatisfied customers is already quite high, certainly higher than other memory vendors… Then you need to take into account the way the feedback system works and how he deals with it…

If you post a negative feedback against fastmemoryman he will respond in kind and then offer you a bribe to remove the feedback. Some people will take the bribe and cancel the feedback, many more won’t leave him negative for fear of having negative left for them (but isn’t ebay changing this system?). Some people have even been told to cancel disputes or leave positive feedback if they want to get a refund (which invariably they don’t get, since having cancelled the dispute they now have no comeback).

So what is his true percentage of unsatisfied customers? I would imagine it’s massively higher than the feedback numbers would suggest… 


‘SQL’ is not pronounced ‘sequel’ ! Where the hell did those vowells come from?

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This is something that annoys me greatly, the acronym ‘SQL’ is just that, an acronym, it is not pronounceable as a word because it has no vowels.
Why is it that some unpronounceable acronyms are always referred to as such (eg DVD) and yet others are seemingly acceptable to arbitrarily modify.
There is a comedy TV show called ‘Fonejacker’ where someone makes humorous telephone calls to unsuspecting members of the public, and one of his sketches is posing as a man who tries to arbitrarily modify unpronounceable acronyms so that he can say them, often causing great confusion to the person on the other end of the phone. For instance, he will call an electronics store and ask for a “Doovde player” (DVD player) or perhaps a “Puss 3” (PS3). A few examples of this can be found on Youtube:
And many more can be found simply by searching for ‘fonejacker’.

So why is it considered acceptable to mispronounce ‘SQL’ as ‘sequel’ and yet mispronouncing ‘DVD’ as ‘doovde’ is considered ridiculous? This becomes even more stupid once you consider that ‘sequel’ is an actual word which has a different meaning, whereas ‘doovde’ doesn’t have any other meaning, and could thus easily be used as a word referring to ‘DVD’.


FastMemoryMan is also known as EMartBuy

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So FastMemoryMan has another ebay account called “EMartBuy”, most probably to make it harder for all the people who search for “fastmemoryman” and find sites like this one. More than a few people have either posted here, or emailed me separately to say they won’t be doing business with him having read this site.This second account is registered as being in the UK, which seems highly suspicious. Perhaps this account has something to do with the UK operation that he falsely claims is just his “shipping agent”.I also found some more information on him, this time written by an “ebay trusted reviewer”, you can read it at:
Also while doing some other digging, it seems that his domain emartbuy.com is registered with the following details:

      EmartBuy Ltd
      Chetan Saraf
      135 N MAIN ST
      43160      US
      Phone: 614 5898253
      Email: sarafchirag@blueyonder.co.uk

Interestingly, that email address is a UK ISP. I’ve not checked it, but it’s strange that an american would have an account with a UK cable provider. 


Dealing With FastMemoryMan

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So judging from the number of hits and comments I get, far too many people have been screwed over by FastMemoryMan…So here is the best of my advice to dealing with him…

  •  Don`t send defective goods direct to his US address

If your in the UK send it to their UK address, despite his claims the UK office will forward the package on to him. Similarly, if your in Europe and shipping to the UK is cheaper than the US. The address for the UK office is:210B The Big Peg120 Vyse StreetBirminghamB18 6NF

  •  Send the goods back BEFORE you file a PayPal dispute

PayPal’s system is very inflexible and favours the seller, it requires that you ship defective goods to the registered address, and using online tracking, all at your own expense. The PayPal terms of service state that tracking is only required for items over $250, however if you don`t use tracking, they will cancel your claim and give you no recourse. Similarly, all the forms on their website are only geared to accept a tracking number, there is no “this item is under $250 so i didn’t use tracking” option.

  •  File negative feedback!

I cannot stress this enough, he HATES negative feedback. Often by filing negative feedback, he will ask you to remove it and often make you an offer. I and several other people managed to get full refunds this way, but perhaps you can screw him for more. If you do, we’d all love to hear about it! Also when you leave feedback, someone suggested that you should wait until the very last few minutes before the ability to leave feedback expires, and thus he’l have no chance to leave negative for you. 

  •  Don’t believe his lies

This is the most important of all. FastMemoryMan is a compulsive liar, and he will try every trick in the book to screw you out of your money. For instance, he tried to trick me into believing the motherboard for which i purchased memory doesn’t have the chipset he listed as compatible, but infact has a completely different incompatible chipset, and thus it is my fault the memory does not work. Checking with the motherboard manufacturer’s website quickly exposed this lie.He does not run a big company, his name is Chetan Seraf, and he is a one man band in the US. He is also associated with a small company in the UK.When you return defective goods, he will give you an RMA number, this is always “RMA D4”, and is not in any way unique to you. There is no returns department, it is just the one guy. He will often mail you under different names claiming to be someone else, so don’t fall for it.

  •  Report his listings to ebay

They probably won’t do anything, but enough complaints may have some effect against him.

  •  Report his fraudulent listings to manufacturers and the relevant authorities.

Quite often he will make false claims about a branded good, this is fraud and should be reported to the proper authorities and the manufacturer he is counterfeiting. Most reputable companies won’t take too kindly to a fraudster like this selling cheap unbranded goods and trying to pass them off as theirs. It harms their reputation and they need to know about it.


Skype Outage? The Dangers Of Proprietary Protocols

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Aparrently the Skype service went down this week, and stayed down for 2 days leaving users unable to use it…
Now Skype uses it’s own proprietary protocol, it’s not based on any kind of standard like SIP or H.323, so you have to use the Skype client and connect it to the Skype service.
But when the service is not available, your screwed, and if you want to communicate with people you have to use something else.
If you had used a standard protocol such as SIP, then you can easily have a backup provider which your client can switch to automatically. You may not even notice that your primary service provider went down at all.
Similarly, because they can be replaced so easily, standards compliant service providers have to compete for your custom. There are hundreds of SIP providers out there, your free to shop around for the best value provider rather than being stuck with a single supplier.

So if you use a standard protocol you get choice, the choice of where to get your service from, and the choice to use another service if one fails you (eg: an outage) and even to use multiple services at once, automatically switching to another if the primary fails.
If you use proprietary protocols like Skype, you are at the mercy of a single provider. You have to pay whatever prices they decide to charge, and simply put up with whatever outages they have.


Further acunetix update

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I have receive a couple of emails and one post to this site from someone at Acunetix on this matter.
Although he denies that the company or it’s employees send spam or sell email addresses to spammers, the question still remains as to how the email address uniquely used on their site received spam.
It certainly wasn’t as the result of a brute force scan for guessable email addresses, as my mail server responds the same to both valid and invalid addresses, and there were no server logs indicating attempts to send spams to other common names.
It is unlikely that acunetix monitor the actions of their staff 24/7, so there is still a chance a rogue employee sold/leaked email addresses without the company as a whole knowing, similarly there is always the chance of one or more of their servers, or those of their isp being compromised.
So, i ask other people who have signed up to acunetix.com some time ago if they have started receiving spam on the address they used.

Many people use unique email addresses for such signups, but often put the company name in the address (as I often do too), however an unscrupulous company would likely filter these. Indeed, i have never received spam through a company where i put their sitename in the signup address.

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